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People&Co. And the yellow brick road.

Let’s get the first 200 words out of the way and see what happens…

19 February 2021

‘No Pain No Gain’

This catch phrase has been on my mind recently and NOW I am learning to feel again.

The closer to feeling, the closer to pain.

Through pain I learn how to live life.

Pain is a gift.

I learn to surrender through pain.

I love pain, I hate pain, I accept pain.

Thank you HP source for my pain.

I can now relax knowing my pain.

↝ Not a bad start Stu.


Union, yoga, now, the big picture.

What is Ubuntu to me? What is Ubuntu to you?

A master plan in its nature.

The bringing to people as they come together.

Social beings we are, yet we fight and fraud so far.

I have a dream.

X marks the spot.

A treasure believed to be a fable.

Come all the more reward immursed in the journey.

We all end up the same. Forget hate, forget blame.

You are Ubuntu, go the way.

Forever we will go and forever we will stay.

'Love the squeeze'

Life is a lemon squeeze, soldier at ease.

To live and to learn, heart feel the burn.

To Live is to Love, to love is to live.

Love is simple, let it be free.

Young child on a sidewalk, offering and happy.

Harmony tea.

'Now about that Yellow Brick Road'

For it told, the wise and the old

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