Whatever has brought you here, we hope you find all the information you need and that you give hot yoga a try. It really could be a life changing experience!

  • Newbies are required to provide a photo id upon registration at the studio. This can be an id book, passport, student card, drivers license, etc.
  • If you are a newbie to yoga or are concerned about your fitness levels, then it is recommended to start with one of our bikram classes, as they are slower and easier to follow than the quicker flow classes.
  • We don’t suggest you eat too much before a hot yoga session - preferably a light meal around 2 hours before class.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated.
  • Come with a positive attitude. Yoga is not competitive at all. You are not competing with yourself or anyone else in class. Let go of judgement and self judgement and allow your yoga practice to be something you are doing for yourself. From the very first class, see it for what it is – a gift you give yourself.
  • If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable at any time, gently stop what you’re doing and lie on your back until the feeling passes. Try to stay in the room.
  • For your first few classes, try to find a space towards the back of the room - the more advanced yogis tend to be in the front, which means if you get lost, you can watch them!
  • For your first class, please arrive a good 15 minutes before class starts to register and settle in.
  • Please be aware that we do not allow late comers into the classes.
  • Because the room is heated, you should wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable in and not too loose fitting.
  • Avoid wearing any overpowering fragrance or heavy jewellery.
  • If you have long hair, you should tie it up so it’s secure but comfortable.
  • Yoga is done barefoot and no shoes are allowed inside the hot room.
  • Newbies are required to provide a photo id upon registration at the studio.
  • Bring your yoga mat, a long towel and a bottle of water.
  • If you don’t have one or if you’ve forgotten yours, you can rent a mat and towel and buy water at the studio.
  • If you’re having a shower at the studio, bring an extra set of clothes and a second towel.
  • Bring a packet or bag in which to store your sweaty wet clothes!
  • If you’re going to be heading home straight after class, bring a warm tracksuit or sweater. Don’t think you can pop into the shops on your way home – you will be drenched after your class and should get home to a hot shower or bath as soon as possible.

Have a shower. Drink plenty of water. Be gentle on yourself. Some people feel emotional after certain yoga classes. This is simply because there has been such a release and you should take this as a sign that you should come back soon for more!

  • Please don’t wear your shoes inside the hot room.
  • Please leave your belongings in the change room.
  • Please try to be on time - we don’t allow latecomers in as it disrupts the class.
  • Please don’t talk inside the studio.
  • Please don’t leave the studio until the class has ended. If you absolutely need to go to the bathroom, leave between postures – quietly and with as little disruption as possible.


We can think of many reasons to do yoga but only 4 reasons not to!

  1. Don’t do yoga if you are feeling ill.
  2. Don’t do yoga if you’ve been drinking alcohol.
  3. Don’t do yoga if you have a serious medical condition until you’ve checked with your doctor and informed your yoga teacher.
  4. Don’t do yoga if you’re pregnant until you have checked with your doctor and informed your yoga teacher.


We are located in Cavendish close, right next door to Cavendish square, opposite the Woolies and Mr Price entrances in Warwick street.


There are a few options for parking.

  1. Park directly outside the studio in the Cavendish close parking lot. This parking is on a one in, one out basis and gets rather busy at times.
  2. Park in Cavendish square, preferably close to Woolworths.
  3. Park by the church above Cavendish street or in Grove Street.
  4. Free street parking is available behind the church in Cavendish street and is a 5 minute walk to yo yoga.
  5. See our contact page for the map.