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Claremont telephone: (021) 671 0888
Pinelands telephone: (021) 286 2906


Cavendish Close, Warwick street, Claremont
click here for directions to our claremont studio

1. Park directly outside the studio in the Cavendish close parking lot, or underground in the Woolworths parking lot. These parking lots work on a one-in, one-out basis and get busy between the times of 9am and 5pm, so arrive early.
2. Park in Cavendish Square. Drive up the ramp entrance in Warwick street and cross the bridge to park on the roof above Mr Price. There are always available bays with no queues. Take the elevator down to the basement and walk 2 minutes to the studio. We recommend this parking option for all 11am, 1pm and 4.30pm classes during the week as well as 11am classes on the weekend.
3. Street parking. You can find free parking all around the area within walking distance to the studio, however the metered street parking is the most costly parking option.


The Powder Mill
5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni/Pinelands
click here for directions to our pinelands studio

1. All parking options are free of charge. We have secure and safe parking inside the Powder Mill throughout the week with the exception of the 1pm weekday classes.
2. There is plenty of additional free parking across the road on the grass, only a 1 minutes walk from our studio.