If you don’t know it already, you’ll soon find out that yoga helps you to establish and maintain a healthy weight. It tones your muscles, does wonderful things for your skin and hair and without a doubt, adds a healthy glow to your appearance. But more than that, it also helps enormously to relieve stress, increase energy and keep the mind calm, focused and clear. Yoga helps with concentration, patience, determination and self control. In other words, it makes you look and feel amazing.

YO 26

Temperature: 40 degrees

Length: 60 minutes

Yo 26 is a new name for our crowd favourite Yo Bikram class.  The practice is an unchanging sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The practice was designed as a rejuvenating exercise to strengthen the entire body from head to toe. All of the 26 postures have incredible benefits for the spine, however we have customized this sequence down to 60 minutes. The classes are heated to 40°c.


Temperature: 35 degrees

Length: 60 minutes

Yo Flow is our most dynamic and playful, full body practice that blends movement with breath. Yo Flow is our own brand of Vinyasa yoga that is defined by it's simple, safe and strong sequencing inspired by Ashtanga and power yoga. The flow practice is primarily identified by breath-synchronized movement. Each flow class will be slightly different to the next, depending on who is instructing, what music is played and what the instructor offers on the day.


Temperature: 39 degrees

Length: 60 minutes

Hot Hatha is designed for all levels of practitioners, combining the pace of Yo Hot26 with the creativity of Yo Flow.  The emphasis being on longer, static holds, there is less flow-based movement and more depth in each asana.  You can expect to see some of your favorite postures while also taking time to explore new poses and alignment principles!  The teacher will guide you through a unique combination of standing and floor postures that will challenge your balance, strength and flexibility.