If you don’t know it already, you’ll soon find out that yoga helps you to establish and maintain a healthy weight. It tones your muscles, does wonderful things for your skin and hair and without a doubt, adds a healthy glow to your appearance. But more than that, it also helps enormously to relieve stress, increase energy and keep the mind calm, focused and clear. Yoga helps with concentration, patience, determination and self control. In other words, it makes you look and feel amazing.


Bikram is the original hot yoga. The practice is an unchanging sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The practice was designed as a rejuvenating exercise to strengthen the entire body from head to toe. The organs, glands and nerves are stimulated and the heat allows for the release of toxins through sweating. The muscles, ligaments and joints are also able to stretch much deeper than normal, without the risk of injury. All of the 26 postures have incredible benefits for the spine, however we have customized this sequence down to 60 minutes. The classes are heated to 40°c heat with added humidity. 


Flow yoga is a dynamic and playful practice, with the studio heated to a fairly hot 36°c. The flow practice is primarily identified by breath-synchronized movement. Strongly influenced by Ashtanga and power yoga, the practice of flow yoga has become one of the most popular practices in the west and is an intense, full body workout. Each flow class will be slightly different to the next, depending on who is instructing, what music is played and what the instructor offers on the day.


Yo Yoga’s Ashtanga Mysore program allows you to take responsibility for your yoga practice as you learn the Ashtanga Primary series under the guidance of Karen. Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic method based on a specific sequencing of postures linked together through the marriage of breath and movement ('vinyasa'). Practitioners progress through the sequence at their own pace in a group setting and receive one-on-one support via adjustments and verbal instructions when needed. This method of practice encourages one to develop a self practice within a group setting, giving each student the opportunity to learn in accordance with their own particular needs always with the support and guidance of the teacher, without having to “keep up” with the pace of others. We recommend that one attends at least three times a week (building up to a 5 day practice) in order to commit the sequence to memory but also to give one’s body the opportunity to become competent and eventually comfortable in the postures practiced. There will be no classes on new and full moon days. Class opens 15 minutes before the class starting time.
Whatsapp Karen for more info +27 83 690 7967 or email contact@yoyoga.co.za


Yo Recovery is a 30 degree heated class in which the body and mind is invited to deeply relax through postures that open and release. As in all yoga practice, breath is key as we extend our exhales to further encourage the capacity of the whole body-mind system to tune in and be present with the sensations that arise and deepen our understanding of the postures. Through its explorative nature, this class will support the body through any activity from intense sport to walking.

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