Claremont tells the story of how we rose up again from the resulting consequences of the pandemic and slowly started to build our community and business once again, from scratch.


We were all heart-broken when the Pinelands studio joined the many other yoga studios across the country that were forced to close their doors during the hard Covid lockdown in 2020. Upon the closure of Pinelands we knew that this was not the end and that we needed to come up with a plan in order to keep going and stay in service of our community. 

It was then that Stu decided he needed another business partner and asked long standing Yo Yoga teacher, Karen, to join him. We knew that if we had to open up again it needed to be on a smaller and more affordable scale that could stand strong against further hard lockdowns.

In our search for a space we came across a small 12 person studio located inside X Body Fitness Gym. We were going back to our roots in Claremont! Even though it is not the most traditional yoga space it has a certain charm about it and we were pleased to see our community begin to make their way back.

Claremont is where you can come and get your bite-sized Yo Yoga experience!


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Email: contact@yoyoga.co.za

Whatsapp: 083 6907 967

Telephone: 083 6907 967 (Karen)

                      078 800 8688 (Stu)

Address:  Yo Yoga

91 on Main, Level M, Stadium on Main Parkade, Stegman Road Claremont, 7708

We are located inside the

X Body Fitness Gym 


1. Park inside the Stadium on Main parkade.

    Drive up to level M for safe and sufficient parking right     outside our front entrance.

2. Stamp your parking ticket for 80 minutes free parking.