1 week unlimited - R100
1 month unlimited - R450


4 months unlimited - R2100 (students - R1750)
purchase 6 months unlimited - get 7 months
purchase 1 year unlimted - get 14 months
purchase 20 classes - get 24 classes


1 class - R100 (students - R100)
5 classes (3 month expiry) - R450 (students - R400)
10 classes (6 month expiry) - R800 (students - R700)
20 classes (12 month expiry) - R1400 (students - R1200)


1 week unlimited - R275 (students - R220)
1 month unlimited - R700 (students - R550)
3 months unlimited - R1950 (students - R1650)
6 months unlimited - R3600 (students - R3000)
1 year unlimited - R6600 (students - R5400)


fri/sat/sun for one month - R500 (students - R450)


8.30am/9am/11am/1pm from monday to friday for one month - R500 (students - R450)


1 class - R55
1 month - R500


the introductory offer is only available to first time students at yo yoga. the introductory offer is a “once off” offer to new members. the introductory offer is R100 for 1 week of unlimited yoga for that week OR R450 for 1 month of unlimited yoga (should a member join in at a time other than the beginning of a month then a month shall be deemed to be 30 consecutive days).

all contracts and memberships (including the introductory offer) are non- transferable and non- refundable (in other words they cannot be changed to a different package once purchased).

should you purchase a 5 and/or 10 class package, the expiry dates specified are non-negotiable. should a member not use the number of classes within the time period specified then the membership and all rights to attend classes shall lapse.

weekly, monthly 3 monthly, 4 monthly and 6 monthly and packages must be paid in full and will expire once the time period has elapsed with the exception of Ramadan.

student rates are only applicable to full time students on presentation of a valid student card. student rates do not apply to part time students.

no bookings are taken for class. attendance is on a first come first serve basis

the introductory offer is only available to south african residents. non- residents and holiday makers to pay normal class rates.

no person will be allowed to participate in a yoga class without having completed the standard terms and conditions form applicable to their participation - this is to ensure that participants are fully appraised as to yo yoga’s terms and conditions.


Below is a copy of the indemnity form that is signed upon registration at YO YOGA:

I understand that my participation in yoga classes at YO YOGA, will involve performing various yoga postures. I acknowledge that participating in such classes will require physical exertion, may be strenuous, and may expose me to a risk of personal injury.

I understand that yoga instructors and fellow students may physically assist me in holding, modifying, or moving into and out of certain yoga postures. I understand that classes may include postures requiring back bends and head stands.

I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to participating in the yoga classes offered. While instructors will provide verbal instructions during class, I agree to participate in the yoga classes at my own pace and at my own risk, and I will cease participation if I feel over exerted or fatigued.

If at any time I believe that a posture is unsafe for me or that I am unable to participate due to physical or medical conditions, I will immediately discontinue participation.

By signing my name below, I acknowledge and agree to the terms contained herein, I am representing that I am physically fit to participate in the classes offered, I am fully aware of (and assume) the risks and hazards of participating in the classes, and agree to assume full responsibility for any and all injuries and/or damages, known or unknown, which I may incur as the result of classes and/or yoga practice.

By signing my name below I release YO YOGA, its members, managers, employees, teaching instructors, volunteers, participants and other students in the yoga classes, and all other persons (herein after collectively referred to as the “Released Parties”), from any and all damages, injury, liability, negligence, and any other claims on behalf of myself and my children, parents, heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate arising from or connected to my voluntary participation in the yoga classes.

Further, I hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all damages, expenses, and liabilities (including attorney fees) which may result from my actions while in class or on the premises.

I have had sufficient time to read and review this agreement and have either consulted with my legal counsel or have knowingly and voluntarily waived my right to do so. Given that this agreement is being signed in consideration of the provision of classes in which I desire to participate, I understand that I will NOT be able to participate in classes unless and until this agreement is executed.

I also acknowledge that in no way is YO YOGA responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class.