Yo Yoga in Claremont was specifically opened to cater to the southern suburbs – partly because there was no hot yoga studio in the ‘burbs’at the time and partly because Stuart and his original founding partner and friend Jenny were born and bred in the heart of the Southern Suburbs. Our Pinelands studio opened in February 2018 and has a more industrial look, but the same light and welcoming vibe.

Both studios have changing and shower facilities, a lounge area with free wi-fi and a selection of books and magazines, so you are welcome to chill out before or after your class.


“Yoga has given me strength and brought much enjoyment to my life… I truly believe it can greatly benefit anyone and everyone!”

I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and instructing classes since late 2003. I enjoy a dynamic style of practice like ashtanga and vimyasa-flow yoga and in 2003 I was certified in London through a kung fu inspired practice known as chaya (shadow) yoga. All of these yoga styles can be identified by the linking of breath with movement and they all encourage a sense of freedom through movement. I thoroughly enjoy working with practitioners of all levels and find myself learning a great deal from each class I instruct.

“Yoga helps me to keep light in my body, mind and life.”

I found out about yoga after joining yo yoga for a 10-day trial in 2010. I was hooked from the first class and couldn’t wait to get into the studio to experience and move my body in new ways. I loved both Bikram and flow so much that I decided to do a teacher training with the Shala in 2012. Ever since then I have not stopped practicing and cannot seem to get enough. Yoga is a great way to connect my body and mind to my breath, this helps me remain calm and happy no matter what situation arises in my life. Since my first class I’ve lost weight, toned up and found a new love for my body and all the cool things it can do. I hope my teaching helps you feel grounded, calm and light.

“I feel free!”

I used to work part-time for Jenny as a char lady in Sea Point. She begged me to come and work at the studio, saying the one condition of working was that I would have to do one yoga class a day! I didn’t have any knowledge of yoga so was not sure whether I should take the job, but after much persuasion by Jenny I decided to do it. The first class was very awkward. I didn’t know where to start! But the more I got used to it, the more it grew on me. I used to be very stressed, but since starting yoga I am so much more relaxed and feel much calmer. I feel I can handle stressful situations in a cool manner and I feel more confident because of yoga. Another bonus is that I have lost 10 kg since I started practicing!

“Yoga has given me the skills to find more freedom in my body, my mind and my life.”

I found yoga in 2007 and it immediately had a profound effect on my life. I knew then that I had started on a lifelong journey of transformation. I developed a new-found respect for my body, my mind and my health. Having worked in the corporate world for a few years, yoga couldn’t have come at a better time! Naturally the call to teach began knocking on my door and I finally took the plunge. I completed my teachers training with Jacqueline Ivory in 2011. In 2013 I travelled to study under Kino Macgregor and Tim Feldmann and most recently in 2015 completed a 200-hour Ashtanga intensive with them. Being able to share what I have learnt brings me great joy.

“I love sharing the energising and health-giving power of yoga with people!”

Born in Germany, I moved to Cape Town in 2007 after completing dance, drama and eurythmy training at the Academy of Living Movement in Vienna. When I came back from one of my travels to India I decided to join yoga teacher training with Jacqueline Ivory in Cape Town. My love for yoga stems from the transforming power it had in my own life, both physically and mentally. My main styles are Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Seeing people release stress and body aches and simply transform is amazing. In my classes I focus on improving strength, flexibility and balance, allowing everybody to leave feeling energised, inspired and relaxed.

“Yoga is my life. My mat is my home.”

I discovered yoga while living on the island of Antigua, where yoga teachers were few and far between, and those who did come to the island, never stayed for very long. I began practicing using a dvd: The primary series: John Scott. Since then I have practiced daily and read about yoga with an intense hunger; it has become my passion. Having been a high school English teacher for 20 years, the ‘teaching’ aspect came naturally to me. In 2012, I attended a 7-day workshop with John Scott at purple valley in India, and in 2013 completed his teacher training in Cornwall. Yoga has become entwined in the very centre of my being; it protects me, fulfills me and is my constant companion. I feel blessed to share this love with others.

“Yoga helps to create the perfect balance in life.”

I discovered the yoga practice as a form of exercise (as most people do), at the gym, a long while ago. Soon after, I gave up the gym membership for membership at yo yoga, and I have never looked back. Yoga has become part of my life. It sets you on the path to being the best person you can be. It allows us to deal with stressful situations with calmness and grace and contributes to overall wellbeing. I started teaching in 2015 after completing the yo yoga 200 hour teacher training. I hope to inspire and spread the light to many people.

“Bikram will always by my staple, but vinyasa has stolen my heart.

Eleven years ago, while living in Singapore, I read an article entitled “look good naked”. It was the slogan that lured hundreds to the Bikram studio in Raffles City. The 90-minute session challenged me and exploited parts of my physicality I had neglected due to a knee injury and ego. I was absorbed, excited and compelled to share this experience. In 2010, I completed the intensive teachers training and was certified as a Bikram instructor. In 2014, I completed the 200hr yoga alliance teachers training course with Jim Harrington and now teach a combination of flow with a Bikram base.